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Its your kingdom. Secure it.

Secure Your Home Network and Personal Devices with Scout

We believe that your home network and personal devices deserve the same level of protection as any enterprise-grade security solution. That's why we've developed Scout, a cutting-edge data privacy service designed specifically for your home environment. With Scout, you can take control of your digital footprint, protect your personal information, and reduce the risk of identity theft, fraud, and cybercrime.

What Can Scout Do for Your Home Network and Personal Devices?


Complete Data Privacy

Scout provides comprehensive data privacy features to ensure that your home network and personal devices remain secure. Our software creates a strong layer of protection between your network and the internet, limiting trackers, ads, and other potential exploits. With Scout, you can browse the web with confidence, knowing that your online activities are shielded from prying eyes.


Built-in Password Manager and VPN Services

Managing passwords becomes effortless with Scout's built-in password manager. Say goodbye to the frustration of remembering multiple passwords or using weak ones. Additionally, our integrated VPN services encrypt your connections, safeguarding your personal data when accessing public Wi-Fi networks or browsing from outside your home.


Real-time Threat Detection

Scout's advanced threat detection system, Sentry, works silently in the background, continuously scanning your network and devices for any potential security vulnerabilities. With Scout, you can proactively identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring that your home network and personal devices are always protected.

Key Features and Metrics:

Content Filtering and Device-Specific Controls

Scout offers content filtering and device-specific controls, allowing you to customize your privacy settings according to your preferences or user. Safeguard your family members from inappropriate content and manage the privacy settings of individual devices with ease.

Trusted your smart devices

Take control of what your smart devices are broadcasting to the world. Our user-friendly software helps you set restrictions on all smart devices connected to your network. Your privacy matters.

Get Your Scout Today!

Don't compromise on your data privacy any longer. Take the first step towards a safer digital experience by getting your Scout subscription today. Click the button below to explore our subscription plans and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with using Scout to safeguard your home network and personal devices.

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