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Tech Tip Tuesday

Tuesday is for tacos and tech tips

Here at Scout, we care about your security. So, every Tuesday, we'll drop a little tip for you. Feel free to tell your friends and "forget" where you read it so you can ascend to techno-wizard heights amongst your crew.

Here are a few things we're looking to share and accomplish along the way:

Our Goals

We're hoping to provide you with an awesome experience. We'll have a quick summary at the top so you can get the idea without scrolling to the bottom of the page (looking at you recipe websites). We'll also try not to use too much jargon or acronyms/initials without explaining what they mean. If there's anything you don't quite understand or just want more information on; we'll do everything we can to answer your questions and thirst for more knowledge.


We'll try to stay focused on security but anything tech-related is fair game. We're always open to topic requests as well! So prepare yourself for better passwords, simple tech-life hacks, and an elevated cyber-existence.

Put your cyber-pants on and get ready by subscribing here and follow @scoutsecured everywhere you socialize online! See you out there!

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