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The Data Privacy Solution That's Affordable and Easy to Use

Exclusive Services

Scout provides services across multiple platforms to enable users to take control of their digital privacy.

Scout Report

The Scout Report displays the digital footprint by collecting intelligence from across the internet and the dark web combined. It's delivered on a monthly basis to ensure the information is current.

Dark web scan for user's personal information

Searches for services registered for by the user

Identifies breaches the user was involved with

Browser Plugin

The browser plugin helps keep a user's privacy protected while they browse the internet.

Ad block detection avoidance

Tracker monitoring

Malicious activity identification

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Mobile Application

The mobile app enables Scout to secure users on their most used device while at home and on the go.

Ad and tracker blocking

Security monitoring

The Scout

Our device connects to your network and provides an unprecedented level of privacy, control, and security. 

Network-wide ad and tracker blocking

Inbound VPN for safety while on the go

Personal password manager

Network visibility and security

*Your Data remains private from Scout Secured as well. We don't have access to it.

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